Master Blaster // Peta & Gerard's Wedding

20 October 2016

Industrial Opulence


Let's be honest with one another, Jerome and the boys are good at what they do. Very good. So when I received an email this morning detailing the highlights of a lavish Sydney wedding it was no surprise that Master Blaster were right in the thick of it. Not being able to attend the wedding myself I browsed through the photos provided in the article that was sent to me, never in my life have I wanted to attend a wedding between two people I have never met before - until now.

The author describes it as "A wildly beautiful contrast of a raw industrial space with decadence and grandeur" and I whole-heartedly agree. The Strathfield venue played host to around 120 guests and was curated by Lisa Madigan. The whole event looked lovely and it is a joy to see one of our acts contribute to this wonderful occasion. 


Here is a testimonial from the lucky couple:

"We had an awesome band. Master Blaster. A fab three piece from Newcastle. We were drawn to Jerome and Co because of the contemporary music they do and do so well. When we first came across them we listened to their cover of Frank Ocean. I must admit, my first thought was well, this is ambitious but it floored us. We knew these guys were the perfect option for us. We considered a DJ for 2.5 seconds but are so glad we went with a band. On the night they played a great mix of a new and old which had everyone, young and old, up and dancing."


If you're interested in having a browse through the article, click here:


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