Howie & Alex // Emma & Tom's Wedding

5 September 2016

As our first ever Blog post, what better way to start than with a wedding close to my heart.

Not only am I lucky enough to help people with the happiest day of their lives, but on this occasion, I was lucky enough to assist my close friends Emma and Tom.

Believe it or not, they sourced the act they wanted without any of my help - “We saw Howie performing at Merewether Surfhouse, one sunny afternoon and fell in love with his style and voice!”

To give you an idea about Emma and Tom, let me backtrack a bit to how they met…

Love Story-

After meeting in Newcastle Emma and Tom were dating for less than 5 weeks. They both (by complete coincidence) had trips to Europe planned, so had kept things fairly casual. The day came for them to part ways and travel abroad. A week into Emma’s stay in London, she passed a local tavern, where Tom spotted her through the window. They were so excited to see each other that Tom decided to change his travel itinerary to meet up with Emma a few weeks later in Santorini. “we have been pretty inseparable since then”.

It’s like their very own scene out of Serendipity, don’t you think?

Their Day-

Tom & Emma were married at The Barn, Adams Peak in early Spring.

While keeping things simple, they decorated with beautiful rustic accents found all over the property. From the ceremony overlooking the mountains to the Barn Style Reception.

“We had Howard Shearman singing solo for the ceremony, as well as friends of ours that performed certain songs for the formalities. This was perfect for us as we wanted it to feel intimate and authentic”.

During the cocktail hour, Howie continued to serenade us with some acoustic tunes while guest made the most of our pop-up bar and cigars.

For the Reception the couple booked Howie & Alex. “We knew we loved Howard from the moment we heard him, but wanted to get that upbeat ‘band’ feel for the reception. That’s when I contacted Gen-r-8 Entertainment and Cassie recommended Alex, Howard's drummer. The duo was AMAZING.”

Howie & Alex created a perfect dinner atmosphere performing on the outside of the barn while guest enjoyed their meals. Just outside the open doors of the barn is a very spacious dance floor, which the guest enjoyed late into the night!

“One of my favourite memories is when Alex let one of my bridesmaids (who is also a drummer) get up and play drums while Howard sang. Everyone loved it! It really made it that extra bit special”

“Tom & I are big fans of live music, so it was a really important element for us to have on one of the most important days of our life!” Emma states. “Our process with Gen-R-8 was completely worry-free. Everything was done over email so I could get to it before and after work, that made it super easy. I have recommended them to so many friends and family for their engagements and weddings. They were nothing short of fantastic!”


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