10 things to do in isolation

29 April 2020

Well who would have thought this is where we would be in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. 

It's a very stressful time for many at the moment and we hope you are all staying safe & healthy during this uncertain time. Let’s all keep our heads high over these next few months and we can’t wait to see you all out and about when the time is right and safe as listed by the government. A big thanks to our essential workers and those on the frontline in the health and medical sector, we appreciate you all very deeply and say a big thank you!

As myself was one who wasn’t working for a few weeks I was trying to find ways to get through each day to keep busy (and staying sane from boredom) which I can imagine a lot of you are in the same situation so here are a few ideas to get you by. 


Online fitness classes – a lot of local businesses are now running their sessions via online, great way to still get your exercise in or if you’re like me, unfit and don’t want people to see how many times you stop for a break watching YouTube videos is another great alternative. These don’t need to be high intensity find yoga or Pilates videos these are great to also help you relax and unwind. Great reason to get out of the house is going for a walk but remember this should be in your local area, I now know why my dog is excited to go for a walk. 


Cooking – this is a great time to brush up on your cooking, just because you can’t go out for date night anymore why not bring date night to you. You and your partner can cook a meal together get some candles and have a nice candle lit dinner. You can always look recipes up online there are 1000’s of free one’s you can find. 


Meditating – as we all know this is a stressful time and if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed try meditating for a bit, there are lots of apps out there that can help you with this or it might be as simple as running a bath for yourself and playing some soothing music or colouring in (this is definitely not just for children) 


Puzzles & Games – these are a great way to kill time and get you off the TV or your phone if you have been glued to it. Probably best to purchase some online if you don’t have any in your house. These are also great to have a family game night, you can throw in something for the loser to do such as doing the laundry for the next few days. 


Pick up a new hobby – most of us have nothing but time now, so why not try picking up a new hobby. Painting, knitting, drawing, juggling, practise with some makeup, being crafty doing some DIY’s, learning origami or anything else that might come of interest to you.


Cleaning – Look, we might not be in spring yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t do some spring cleaning. Now is a great time to go through those cupboards you always shove anything and everything in and constantly ignore. Maybe you’ve just done so much online shopping and your wondering where everything is going to go when it arrives, or maybe you realise that outfit you bought 2 years ago with the tags still on isn’t going to be worn and you can put that towards being donated.


Gardening – who doesn’t love the look of a fresh garden, freshly mowed lawn no weeds in sight no rubbish laying around its therapeutic in a way. Also, a great time if you want to start planting your own fruit and veg you can buy some things online via Bunnings and other websites, so you don’t even need to leave your home.


Learning a new language – if you can’t have that European holiday you were hoping for maybe you can just learn the language instead and that’s enough to make you feel like you’re there right? There are some great apps like Duolingo, babble and more or even just online googling that can help you get started. 


Photo album – If your anything like me and your photos are a mess on your phone or laptop/computer get them sorted in folders and make a photo album out of them. There are websites you can go onto where the template is already done and you just drop your photos in or you can print your photos and make your own scrapbook either way it’s a great way to look at your memories and these also make a great gift as well. 


Birthday Videos – we all know of someone who’s going to have an iso birthday and it can be very tough for some not being able to spend it with their loved ones, especially if it’s for a special one such as a 1st birthday, an 18th, 30th, 50th etc. So why not contact the family and friends and get a happy birthday video together that you can send to them on their birthday. This is definitely one way to make them feel the love from a distance and also a special memory they will be able to keep and watch back on. This doesn’t need to be done just for birthdays this can be done for someone who’s graduated for uni but doesn’t get to have their graduation or someone’s wedding anniversary, or maybe someone who had to cancel their baby shower. 


Hopefully some of these ideas help you pass the time over the next few months and who knows maybe some might now be the  new routine or hobby that you keep going in your everyday life. 

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Stay safe!  

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