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22 April 2020

Yianni – Director of Gen-R-8 Entertainment & GenR8 Printing 

Yianni is the Director of both Gen-R-8 Entertainment & GenR8 Printing, having purchased the agency back in 2008 and establishing GenR8 Printing in 2017 as well as playing in a band called Genr8 and full-time video taker of #askbernie you can say he likes to keep himself busy. Since being a young kid Yianni has always been in the music industry and this is where being in a band has come from and then later down the track having the music agency. With doing basic printing for our venues through the agency is where GenR8 Printing came to life and now extending into all avenues of printing. Yianni has a big passion for the work he puts into all his businesses working around the clock to make sure they strive to be the best they can be whilst also making it a great and fun environment for his staff. 



Cassandra – Booking agent/Function Coordinator at Gen-R-8 Entertainment 

Cassandra has been with Gen-R-8 Entertainment since late 2016 and was hired as the function coordinator but over time she has also taken on the role as a booking agent as well. This entitles booking our acts for gigs at our local pubs and clubs around the Newcastle/Hunter Area on a regular basis. With a Diploma of Event Management she has a great passion for the events industry and continues to improve her work and knowledge every day in making sure she provides the best possible experience for all our clients. 



Bernie – Printing Specialist at GenR8 Printing 

Bernie you may know as the man on Instagram as #askbernie but here’s a bit of background on the man, the myth, the legend. He has been with GenR8 Printing since late 2018, with a background in the printing industry working at Fairfax for 17 years and Hannan Print for 17 years having him on board was a no brainer. Whilst his had years in printing experience he still continues to expand his knowledge as each day passes working with new machines, attending expos and training. He is the front man you will be dealing with for all your printing needs so get in contact and #askbernie.

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