Easter 2017

7 April 2017

If you have been near Coles or Woolworths in the past few months, you would be well aware that Easter is nearly here. It's next weekend! As we do, we've wrapped up some of our picks for the weekend.



Mick Jones at Salamander Shores

It's Good Friday. Not many venues are open. What do you do if you're in the Bay area? Head down to Salamander Shores of course. Mick Jones will be kicking things off at 7:30 PM. 

Jason Bone at Mavericks On The Bay

Same deal as above. If you're in the Bay area, go here. Jason will be on from 6:00 PM.



Roxy's Piano Bar at the Criterion Carrington

Not much we can say about this one. Just go and see for yourself. If you still need convincing, check this link.

Jerome at Greenroof Hotel

If you haven't check out Jerome's Facebook or Youtube pages yet, go and do it now. If you still aren't convinced, then get along and watch him play at Greenroof. They also do great meatballs, waffles and of course, beer.



The Smarts at Gunyah Hotel

Big Pete and the rest of The Smarts boys will be kicking things off from 4:00 PM. If you're in the Belmont area, get down. 

Wharf Life at Queens Wharf Hotel

If you've ever been to Queens Wharf Hotel on a Sunday you'll know Wharf Life. It's a tight-knit crew of house music enthusiasts who stick to their music policy religiously. The music is the perfect side dish to the views. They kick off at 5:00 PM straight after Phonic

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