Gen-R-8 Live Sessions

15 February 2017

Introducing the Gen-R-8 Entertainment Live Sessions. This is something we have wanted to do for quite some time and we were extremely excited to get it underway. It's a simple concept, get one of our acts to join us in the Gen-R-8 Entertainment offices every Monday evening for a short set which we stream live on Facebook.

For our first week, we invited Matt McLaren to come and join us in the office. Matt needs no introduction. He's known far and wide for being a talented and highly entertaining musician. So when he said he was interested in joining us, we jumped at the opportunity. 


1. Matt McLaren

2. Chad Shuttleworth 

3. Kaylah Anne

4. Roxy

5. Boney Rivers

6. Matt McLaren (Stamford's Retirement Party Special)

7. The DuoTones

8. Greg Bryce (DV8 Album Launch Special)

9. Viper Creek (Season Finale)

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