Tips to organising your wedding day

20 May 2020

Organising your wedding day can be a bit stressful, especially for those of you that aren’t the organised type. We have a few tips and ideas to let you in on for your special event to hopefully make this an easier process for you. 


1 – Look at your budgeting and decide what you can overall afford and are comfortable with spending, just remember everyone is different with their budgets but work on what is suitable to yourself. 


2 – Get a planner book, this will probably be your lifesaver! Depending on which you get, but these go into detail of what are the main things that you need for your event. They have budgeting, check list, a section for supplier’s details, guest list, seating arrangements and so much more. Or another option is that you can find a wedding check list online there are plenty out there and are very helpful. 


3 – Allocate some time each week for wedding planning, if this be a few days a week or just one day a week this will help you get through it all without feeling very overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong it is all very overwhelming, but this will just help you manage your time a little better. 


4 – Picking the date/venue, decide with your partner the time of year you would like to get married and go around and view different venues to see what is most suitable for you. Once you have picked the venue you would like to get married at then see what dates are available for the time of year you would like to get married. This way it just gives you more options on a date to pick from, rather than picking a date in particular and then searching for your venue could lead to being let down if the venue you absolutely love isn’t available.


5 – Picking the important suppliers like celebrant, photographers, videographers, florist, event decorators & musicians once you have the date & venue picked are probably the most important to book. You can then look at booking your make-up artist, hairdresser, transport etc for the date. Having a mobile make-up artist & hairdresser can make this process a bit easier rather than needing to travel somewhere the morning of so keep that in mind when you are finding these suppliers for the day. 


6 – Having a mood board will be a great help to show your decorator what you like and are hoping for on your special day. Sometimes when you try to explain things they might not come out as clear as what an imagine would be, this helps show your designer exactly what you are after. 


7 – If you have any family/friends travelling for your wedding and you have the time it’s always great to help them out and list a few places that are close by for them to stay at. 


8 – If you are opting for an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a backup plan organised in case the weather isn’t the best on the day. This just helps eliminate any stress on the day if the weather takes a turn you can straight away put plan B in place. 


9 – Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for advice, most of them have probably been in the industry for years and might be able to recommend an idea that you haven’t thought of, or if you are searching for more vendors that you haven’t booked yet ask for who they would refer.  


10 – If you have any family & friends who are willing to help, let them help. Even if it’s you asking them to get a few quotes together for you, or doing some research on a wedding venue this eliminates the time it will take you to be doing it but you will still have all the information and get to make the final decision. 



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