Christmas Events

5 November 2020

Well it’s nearly that time of year that is at the same time every year but just seems to be sneaking up more and more every year, it’s Christmas time! 

Things are a bit different this year with not being able to celebrate as much or as big with restrictions in the way BUT that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t celebrate. With venues now being able to take bookings for up to 30 people and 30 people allowed for outdoor gatherings there are still plenty of things to do to celebrate the very special time of the year. 

Booking a table at your local venue takes all the stress away and makes the event essentially effortless if you aren’t one to normally put events together but maybe need to do it as a work Christmas party or a get together with family or old friends. This also helps support those local around you as well. If you wanted to do something to make it look like you put a little bit of effort in organising some balloons is a pretty easy and effective thing to do. 

If you are a bit more of a hands-on person and want to do a DIY event having an outdoor picnic or BBQ is a great idea. This gives you free range on what you want to do, what you want to bring, if you have someone bring something small each or if for a work event you can look at getting a caterer and having someone else organise all the food to still make it a hassle free event.

Whilst the rules for the number of guests inside a home hasn’t changed and is still at 20 guests not including the household members you can do something a bit more intermate. This gives you rein to either do something super chilled and just have a good old BBQ or if you want to do something and make it a bit more out there and over the top with decorations, 3 course meal your own at home cocktails the option is there as well. 

Some other options could be organising a group activity of some sort such as pinot & picasso or booking the cinemas out as private functions (yes this is something that they do), go karting, putt putt they are all a bunch of ways to still get together and be able to celebrate the special time of year that is. 

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