COVID-19 Printing Packs

29 July 2020

If you have your own business well, we know how hard the last few months have been with everything going on. From not having to deal with this before to now being the new, new for the rest of 2020 and who knows how long. All the rules and regulations that are involved it is all a lot to take in, so we are doing our part in trying to give you one less thing to worry about. 

We have put together a specialised section on our GENR8 Printing website for all things covid-19. Here you can find social distancing floor stickers, we’re covid safe stickers, covid safe hygiene marshal hi-vis vest and we have put together two different packs for small businesses and bigger businesses. 

In these packs you will find multiple things that are relatable for all businesses. The posters included have been designed by NSW government and are made of wall-tex which is a peel and stick, polyester fabric, adhesive material and is reusable on virtually any flat surface that is able to be used indoors and outdoors (away from water). 

These packs in particular help cover a high aspect of rules and regulations that are currently in place, from maintaining social distance, to washing your hands the correct way, to downloading the covid safe app, to showing your business is approved to being covid safe, to advise staying home if you are unwell. 


There are still many more rules in place that may not be listed in some of the posters that we have offered in the packs, such as how many patrons can fit in each business. This is a very important part to note but as each business is different for what numbers they can hold based on the 1 person per 4sq meters this is then a personal poster for each individual based on the overall size of their space. We can print this type of signage for you if you do have your own file ready to go as well as any other personal signage that you would like to print. We have a link below that you can visit if you are a business or know someone who owns a business and would like to see what further signage is available by the NSW government.

Below is another link on updated rules and regulations as of 25th July, if you aren’t sure what rules are currently in place as they are regularly changing, be sure to check this link out and save it for future to check on the changing rules.

If you would like to order your COVID Safe packs for your business you can click here and this will take you directly to the page of all items available for online purchase. If you have any questions you can email [email protected] office hours are Monday-Thursday 9-5pm. 

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