Engagement & Wedding Gifts

9 September 2020

Finding the perfect gift for someone’s engagement or wedding is always something that sits on the mind, a lot of the time giving money is just the go to which isn’t a bad idea as this is something someone always need when planning a wedding. But if you want to give them something special or meaningful so they have this for many years to come getting something personalised is the way to go and below we have listed some of our favourites. Now you could get them something personalised and meaningful for their engagement and then give them money for their wedding & vice versa. Or if the gift you are giving them isn’t too expensive you may also give them some money as well 


Personalised glass sets, this could be getting their initials or maybe wedding date engraved on some nice champagne or wine glasses that they can use on their wedding day or something special for their anniversary. 


Personalised serving wooden board, this can be something nice that they use again on their anniversary or just something nice that they use when they have guest come over. 


Personalised vow prints, this is something that would probably be a delayed wedding gift or could be an anniversary gift, getting the couples vows printed on either wood or acrylic is such a special gift. Getting a special photo printed on acrylic is something beautiful you can hang around the house somewhere or you can also get personalised MR & MRS frames or canvas of things like the dates of when they first met, when they became boyfriend and girlfriend, when they got engaged and then their wedding date. 


Couple illustration, this is something that I have personally done for an engagement with a few other little things and you can get the moment the proposal happened sketched out and framed. It seems like something small but it can have a special impact to the moment it is.


Pillows Personalised, Mr & Mrs “Smith” for example this can be something small they put on their bed or you can even get a date personalised that can maybe sit among the other pillows of the loungeroom.


Mr & Mrs robes, this is always something you can’t go wrong with who doesn’t love a robe and then especially if you have either your initials on it. 


Travel tag & passport cover this is something small but something that still has meaning for it being the couple’s first holiday as husband and wife and being their honeymoon, with hopefully lots of holidays to come. 


Experience of a nice restaurant that they normally wouldn’t go to because it’s too expensive or a voucher for a night away somewhere. Sometimes we all have something we would love to do but don’t want to spend the money on it, so when someone gifts it to you, you’re that little bit more excited that you’re not the one paying for it. 

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