Our new space

27 May 2020

We have a new office space! But don’t worry we didn’t move far from where we were, we are still in good old Wallsend or as Yianni likes to call it worlds end. 

Bit of background on our old space at Wallsend Business centre, Yianni has been there since GenR8 Entertainment opened, well even earlier as he had it as a performing arts school prior. With a building of 12 office spaces Yianni moved to and from 3 of them over the years in being there, the final space being a large area for just 3 people we had nothing but space with just 3 desk and a small storage desk and a few other small bits and pieces you really could do whatever you wanted in there. To then over the last 2 + years that freedom of space has just been getting smaller and smaller as GENR8 Printing came to life. After getting machine after machine after machine GenR8 Entertainment had just a small corner of the office with not a lot of space for movement. From working on top of each other, to having printing machines going whilst on a phone call, no space for meetings and using our communal kitchen area as pick up point for finished printing jobs, you can say we were a bit tight for space. Well no more! With the entertainment agency having its own office and printing being in a two-story warehouse with a showroom coming soon, we have endless amount of storage space we now cannot find each other. 

With four new machines arriving in this space as of now and knowing Yianni there’s probably more to come. New training and a few renovations happening along the way we have finally started to settle in. With having to adapt our normal procedures to this new building we are still learning new things every day but we are so excited to be here in this new space, there is so much more opportunity for the business to grow which we can’t wait for you to see.

In case you weren’t aware that we had a printing business as well, you can click here to head over to our website in which you can check out our socials, as well as seeing the one and only Bernie. From posters, to invitations, laser engraving, mesh banners, menus, to heat press, printing on timber and acrylic this new space has given us endless options on what we can do. 

Check out the slide show photos up the top this page to see part of what this place looked like before a few small changes and how it looks now. The shed had a small mezzanine in which Yianni decided to extend to make a whole floor minus a small bit so that it is easy for paper stock to be lifted upstairs with a forklift and then simply painting the floors with light installation gave this place a massive change in appearance. With the upstairs printing area it was as simple as the bottom with just a fresh coat of paint on the floor and new light installation, simple but very effective.

If you want to keep up to date on the new machines we get in and the products we can do follow us on our socials and any questions ask Bernie.

The show room was actually an open area with a car park space but not long after moving into the space Yianni decided to close this in and make this our show room/waiting area, this has just recently been finished in the build and we will be adding our products to this space very shortly. 


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