School holidays things to do

8 October 2020

With it being the last week of school holidays and such beautiful weather we thought what better blog to do this week then some ideas on some last-minute things to do & some that help support some local businesses. 


  1. Newcastle Markets on Sunday – if you want somewhere that is a little different to get your breakfast rather than sitting at a restaurant or café, the markets have some great food stalls and they also have live music from 10am with a seating area to sit back and relax. 
  2. Movies – whilst this has been a bit quiet with new movies coming out the cinemas have a few new ones that are very kid friendly and if you are wanting some peace and quiet for a short period of time this is probably the way to go. 
  3. Visiting the Hunter Valley Gardens – with a range of things you can do there it’s a place that pleases both the kids and adults. 
  4. Hunter Valley Zoo – need I say anymore.  
  5. Toboggan Hill Park – this place has a few fun things to do. 
  6. Newcastle art – over the long weekend some artist took place in painting some incredible art around the Newcastle CBD area across a range of buildings, this could be a nice day out for a little walk around and maybe a nice picnic lunch to finish off with. 
  7. Treetop adventure park – I’ve personally don’t the adults one of this and it was so much fun, so I can image how much a child would enjoy this. 
  8. Visiting you favourite cafe - there are so many child friendly palces around the local area but another thing you can do is get takeaway rather than dinning in and head to your local park and make it a picnic. 
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