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24 June 2020

Vintage & rustic, luxurious, simple but elegant, colourful and bright, winter wonderland, european vibes so many different styles/themes to choose for your wedding. If you’re anything like me and before your even engaged your spending hours on Pinterest searching wedding deco well you’ve probably got it all sorted. But if your just recently engaged and are now starting to think about the wedding but not sure what vibe you want to go for, well Pinterest is the way to go. 

You don’t necessarily need to copy exactly what is in a particular image that you see but it’s great to see multiple different designs and elements. You may see 5 different images and like something different from each. Say the chairs in one, the table deco in another, the lighting in another, the floral designs, the cake etc you can have multiple different images but have put together your whole set up. If you don’t have an account for Pinterest I highly suggest making one and starting your mood board this doesn’t necessarily need to be just for the wedding but can be for your engagement, the hens, bucks for the boys any event you have coming up just make a mood board. It might seem a bit over the top at the time, but it will really help with the planning aspect of things and especially if your asking friends and family to help or going to a stylist they will be able to understand exactly what you are after. Just remember to keep in mind what your budget is and what will work with your venue if you have that picked at the time. We did a blog on savings cost last week so check that one out for some ideas when starting to plan everything. 


We’ve linked some pages on Pinterest on the below topics so you can head straight over there to have a look but be wary you might be stuck on there for hours looking. 


Outdoor styling

Simple and Elegant


Fun wedding ideas

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