Weddings during COVID-19

22 October 2020


Even with the restrictions in place due to covid -19 we’ve still had some of our clients go ahead with their weddings which we LOVE! We’ve had some who have had to postpone not just once but twice and some even three times, for what’s meant to be their special day and now they’ve put their foot down to not change again but to go ahead with this special day and we take our hats off to anyone who is still powering through during this time. A wedding itself can already be stressful to try and organise let alone when you have a pandemic to work with, so we want to help in trying to make it a little easier with a few things to keep in mind when still having your wedding during this time. 


Let’s touch base on the simple things of what’s allowed. 



The other important things to keep in mind is that everyone must remain seated at all times unless going to the bathroom. Shared platters are not allowed, guest registry of all guest providing name and number will be required for contact tracing and you must also complete a covid safe plan. 


In staying the things above you might need to change a few things about your wedding especially if you planned on having a cocktail style. Make a list of things that are most important to you that you don’t want to change, if it’s that you aren’t able to cut your list to make the numbers work and you have the time maybe you can look at another venue. If it’s that you don’t have the budget that you originally had due to your job being affected see what changes you can make in the things that aren’t as important that you can cut down. 


You can try and embrace the pandemic and do a bunch of fun personalised signage that is showing the rules guest need to abide around the venue to match your theme of the wedding rather than the typical signage that might be an eye sore. You can add things in like personalised hand sanitiser bottles to all guest tables and entry points of the venue or personalised face mask as wedding gifts/bonbonniere. 


Look at different ways to entertain your guest while they remain seated, if you had a DJ planned for your music maybe look at getting a live soloist in for a short period of time or someone that plays a fun instrument. Look at a magician or a comedian coming in for a little show if you have the budget for it. If you have kids attending your wedding, you could maybe add some craft items or colouring to their table to help keep them seated and distracted maybe even some board games. Leave pens and note pads on each table for guests to leave you a wedding wish/message that you can then read after your wedding as you aren’t able to go around and mingle with them.  


We love that we get to see these weddings go ahead and we hope to see so many more continuing to celebrate, we hope this little blog has helped in one way or another. 


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