COVID-19 update

1 July 2020

Well whilst VIC isn’t doing the best right now, we are so excited we have had more restrictions ease for us here in NSW and especially for the wedding industry there is finally a bit of movement. It’s still not all sunshine and rainbows at the moment but we have to look at the positive side of things. 

As of today, venues now just go by the 4sqm rule per person, as this was still in place before this was also in place with a capped number of 50 people per venue. So, this new rule will be different for every venue as to what they can hold based on their overall size, so still please be patient with all the venues, pubs and clubs as they are constantly taking on the new rules that come into place. You might start seeing some live music around venues which is exciting for us to get the amazing local talent back into doing what they do best BUT please keep in mind to remain at a distance for them and that dancing is still not allowed at this stage, if you're someone who normally loves to get up and have a dance you'll have to do this whilst seated.

This is great for venues who hold events as there hasn’t been much light shed on events such as weddings etc over this period of time and as restrictions have eased, so it’s great to see some ease coming to the situation for this industry and people to have a guide start coming into place. There is still a lot that is up in the air, but small steps are still a great start just remain to be patient. You can click here to see an update on the wedding industry for rules. 

Whilst NSW is doing such a great job as well as other states, make sure you are still keeping on top of the small things such as sneezing into your arm not your hands, if you feel unwell don’t go out and go see a doctor, carry hand sanitizer if you can and make sure you are using this where possible, try and maintain social distancing where you can. And please remember you don’t need to be hoarding toilet paper, we all seen what it was like whilst we were in heavy restrictions and we were still able to be going to the supermarkets to get our necessities so don’t be that person. 

You can keep up to date with all the latest cases and information here


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