Engagement Rings

26 August 2020

Touching base on our blog post from last week being some proposal stories and maybe giving a few ideas if you are thinking of popping the special question, this week’s blog is all about engagement rings. 

This is a good one for the boys or girls in taking note on when your partner is trying to give you hints on the ring that they like or that they are trying to give you that little push that they are waiting. 

Now your typical engagement ring is something with a diamond in it BUT there are more and more styles coming out that have a different type of stone so pay attention to the colour and style of the ring that your partner is showing you or constantly talking about.

Everyone has a different style as to what they want, so don’t think because your partner is showing you a ring that isn’t something with just a diamond that it isn’t the ring they want as their engagement ring. Topaz, Opal, Morganite, Ruby & sapphires are all very popular stones used for engagement rings, which means colours for a stone can change from a light pink, to a deep blue to a red and so many more so don’t let this throw you off thinking that it isn’t the ring that she wants. Another style that might throw you a bit off is seeing some flat rings that might not have just one main diamond or stone but multiple these are becoming more popular and are just as stunning.  

When you have an idea of the ring she likes the next thing is trying to figure out what size she is, you can do this in a few ways but don’t stress too much if you get this slightly wrong as they can always be resized. It would probably be best getting a ring that is slightly bigger to resize rather than one that is smaller. 


1 – try and find out on any receipts of previous rings she has bought

2 – try and sneak one of her rings away 

3 – get a friend to take her out and try on some rings, she will be less suspicious that way just thinking they are having a little look. 

4 – you can look at ring measurements online to try and match what hers is

5 – be a bit risky and try and take her measurements when she’s sleeping  


When you are officially ring searching try and have photos of the ring you are after this will make it easier to show someone, especially if you are getting something made this will be a great guide to go off and then you can finalise all the finer details with what you want exactly. Just keep in mind as to how long the ring will take for it to be ready to pick up so you have enough time for when you ask the question. It isn’t a case of just walking into the jewellers and finding a ring and walking out with it there and then it takes some time to get.  

Happy ring shopping!

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