Proposal Stories

19 August 2020

We asked a few of our clients on their proposal stories, and if your anything like me and love to hear how these special moments happened we have 4 beautiful stories below. If your trying to think of a way to pop the question to your partner maybe one of these stories will give you some ideas. 


Maddi – 

We went away camping for the weekend to Seal Rocks and Jeremy had planned the proposal with my best friend before we went, he even hid the ring at her house weeks before as he knows how much of a snoop I am. It was Saturday the 10th of November 2018, we spent the day at the beach and sightseeing. We put together a picnic to eat at the lighthouse and look over the ocean that afternoon, my best friend convinced me it was an opportunity to curl our hair and get dressed up (weird to do while at camping but I was up for it). We went up to the lighthouse with the most beautiful outlook and we were going to get nice photos together. My best friend told me to stand up on the bench seat to get a nice photo with Jeremy, Jeremy yelled out “Look! There’s a whale” I looked out to the ocean and when I turned around to say I couldn’t see it, there was Jeremy down on one knee holding a beautiful timber box. As he opened it the ring fell out which made us all laugh and it couldn’t have made the moment anymore perfect. I of course said yes and will remember that moment for the rest of my life.


Nicole – 

It was our anniversary and we went out to dinner, I didn’t really think much of it because we try to go out for a dinner every 8 weeks somewhere new. This was a bit nicer than were we normally would go but I also just thought being our anniversary it was that nice little treat for us. We ended up going for a walk after dinner, it was November so the weather was beautiful, we went along Nobbys beach’s and he slowly started walking behind me at the time I didn’t really notice and then he called my name and to my surprise when I turned around he was down on one knee. I couldn’t believe it, I was in so much shock. I didn’t even answer him to start off with I just hugged him and started crying, it was such a special moment that I’ll always remember. After we had the moment to ourselves, we called our family and closest friends to tell them the exciting news. When we arrived home he had a beautiful bunch of my favourite flowers waiting for me, I still remember the night so well. 


Justine – 

It was our first overseas holiday together so I was pretty excited, we went to Bali which I had been to many times but it was his first being there so I was excited to show him around to my favourite places. He was a bit nervous on the day going to the airport and when we first got there but I thought it was because it was just his first time going to Bali, little did I know he was so nervous because he had the ring in his bag and thought the engagement was going to get ruined going through security at the airport. It was our first night there and we went out to dinner, it was on a rooftop so we had a beautiful view. We were halfway through dinner when he got down on one knee, I first thought he was just tying his shoe lace but after a few words I realised what was happening and then he pulled the ring out. The whole restaurant started cheering and clapping to congratulate us, the rest of dinner was such a blur. When we got back to our hotel we facetimed some of our family it was in the middle of the night for them, but they knew what was going on so they were all waiting for our call. It was the perfect start to our holiday and we then enjoyed the next week relaxing to then come home and have our family surprise us with a little party to celebrate with a few closets friends. 


Samantha - 

We were just having a bbq at home with our family, we already have 2 kids together but we hadn’t spoken about getting engaged much so I really didn’t expect it. My partner had come over to me and was saying how far we had come from when we meet and the accomplishments we have achieved together. Our two kids then came outside with signs that said will you marry me and handed Michael the ring, he then got down on one knee and asked me the question. I said yes of course, it was such a special moment to have our kids involved and family there to be a part of the moment.  

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