Father's Day gift ideas

12 August 2020

As August feels like it only just started yesterday, we are already halfway through which means most of you have probably forgotten that Father’s Day is creeping up. It is still just over 3 weeks away but look how fast the time is slipping away. For Mother’s Day we gave you some ideas on last minute gifts but this time we are hoping to be a bit more organised in getting something together for dad, because well they are that bit more difficult to buy for, well I know my dad is anyway. 

With covid-19 hanging around a lot longer than we all anticipated for, that kind of throws a bit of a spanner in the works as well. There are a few more things that we need to take into consideration such as if you are going to book a meal out it might be a good idea to start thinking about where you’d like to go. With some of the restrictions in place at the moment some pubs & clubs are a bit more limited on the numbers of guest they can hold in their venues which mean your favourite place may only be able to hold 50 people instead of the normal 100 or maybe they just aren’t taking bookings at this stage. Or if you don’t feel comfortable heading out what are some options of nice things to do whilst staying in, maybe cooking a nice BBQ for dad or even making his favourite seafood platter. 

We’ll list the few ideas we have below to help you find the perfect gift for dad! 

  1. Bunnings voucher, can you ever go wrong with this?
  2. Deluxe BBQ grill set or any other BBQ items 
  3. Portable grill 
  4. Personalised whiskey stones (if you’re not sure what these are have a google they are pretty cool) 
  5. Personalised socks & undies, these are always a good laugh and a funky gift
  6. Any tools, might seem a bit lame but this seems to be like giving chocolate to a kid
  7. Any sporting equipment 
  8. Personalised sign for either a man cave, bar area, tool shed etc 
  9. An experience such as driving a race car or if his up for it skydiving 
  10. A nice watch  


Hopefully we have lsited a few ideas that you maybe haven't thought of previously. If you are on a small budget try making dad something, this will be more meaningful then anything you can buy and maybe just a simple treat of breakfast in bed who will ever say no to that. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! 

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