Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs reopening

3 June 2020

June, the month when people start saying “6 months till Christmas” or “we are officially halfway through the year” or “winter is here”. Well now for 2020 it is known as the month that has allowed restaurants, pubs and clubs to officially reopen since COVID-19 has hit. Whilst some have been open for a bit of time just doing take away others have been closed since March and I for one am so excited that I can finally go out and have a meal that I don’t have to cook! Not that I cook a lot BUT there’s just something about going out for a meal where someone else cooks it for you, you don’t have any dishes to worry about and there’s no cleaning up, that just makes the meal taste that much better than if you were to make it yourself. 


The last couple of months have been hard for us all and each of us are in a different situation but if you are in a position to be able to head out to your favourite restaurants, pubs & clubs to help support them get back on their feet lets help support those around us who have feed us over the years. Even if this isn’t sitting at the place itself you can still support by buying a gift voucher or ordering for take away or delivery as you may have already been doing during this time, keep it going let’s keep supporting our locals. 


Whilst there are still restrictions in place to dine at venues please make sure you are following the requirements that each venue has such as maintaining social distancing, making sure you are seated and not moving around, you will need to provide your name/number and email address when entering as well as some other rules and please keep in mind that this is new for everyone with these rules and regulations. Don’t go and tell them they are wrong for doing something differently to another place you have been to just talk to an employee politely to let them know, this is a learning situation for everyone and we should be helping each other out and sharing kindness to get through these moments. 


You can click here to see all the venues that we work with on a regular basis that are now reopened and serving delicious meals. 

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